Caffe Spider (kaffee_spinne) wrote in austinshopsave,
Caffe Spider

At HEB right now

-Buy 2 1/2 gal. Silk soymilk, get box of Kashi GoLean cereal free.
-Buy gallon of Tropicana OJ, get HEB dozen eggs free.
-Buy some bananas and I think 2 things of Eggo waffles(?), get 1/2 gal. HEB milk free.
-Buy some pre-cooked/seasoned chicken breasts and bag of salad mix, get: sparkling water, tub of yogart, salad dressing, loaf of bread, bag of veggie chips free.
-Buy $2.50 jar of Preggo sauce and get bag of HEB spaghetti free.
-Buy Quaker instant oatmeal and get Quaker oatmeal bars free.

and there were many others.
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